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Promoting Healthy and Sustainable Business

We spend about 90% of our time indoors which greatly affect our health, well-being and productivity. Creating healthy indoor spaces will allow your employees to thrive and perform at their best. A Skogluft living wall offers a strong visual impact to employees and customers, and will elevate your brand, increase employee retention, and reduce sick days.


The demand for living walls is growing as biophilia continues to gain popularity. Skogluft living walls are the perfect product for residential living walls. Adding Skogluft living walls to your company's product line will give your customers the ability to purchase a truly unique product.


Skogluft is one of the simplest living wall systems available. It is quick and easy to install, affordable, and low risk as it does not require irrigation or additional structural support. The simplicity of the Skogluft living wall system keep installation and maintenance costs low, making Skogluft a great product to offer your clients. Maintenance contracts bring recurring revenue and there is little to no plant replacement with a Skogluft living wall. Living walls are effective biophilic design elements as they save space. 

Architects, Interior Designers, Builders

There is great benefit to incorporating a Skogluft living wall to new or existing architectural projects. Biophilic design creates an environment that connects humans to nature, which positively enhances user experience. Living walls change the way we view and experience architecture by creating spaces of tranquility and peace. The organic textures of living walls complement hard surfaces of traditional architecture and improve ambient sound.

Skogluft living walls are an important element of green building certifications such as LEED, Well, and Fitwel.


A study by the Norweigan University of Life Sciences showed short-term sick leave was reduced by 50% in offices and hospitals by integrating Skogluft living walls. This shows that increasing workplace wellness results in greater productivity, focus, and overall health and wellbeing of employees. Stress and anxieties are reduced when plants are introduced to indoor spaces. The plants help to improve acoustic functions by absorbing sound vibrations. This also creates comfortable and inviting workspaces, making your workplace more desirable and improving employee retention.

Health & Wellness 

Living walls add a unique and calming aesthetic that trigger a sense of relaxation and tranquillity, the perfect addition to any health and wellness space. Your client’s experience will be enhanced during their activity or service. Good air quality is important for our physical and mental health, especially where we practice physical activities. Live plants are proven to reduce stress and anxiety, which will help your clients to relax and enjoy their preferred practice or service while in your space.


Skogluft living walls create beautiful backdrops in restaurants and hotels that improve the ambience of the space, giving the guests a truly unique experience. As plants filter the air of toxins this reduces smells from cooking and will improve the air quality of the space. The soft surfaces of leaves absorb sound waves and reduce echoes which help to improve the acoustic function of a space. Skogluft living walls act as soundproofing while looking beautiful.


Research proves that children learn better when they are surrounded by nature. Adding Skogluft living walls to classrooms has been proven to improve children’s attention span and learning capabilities. Students learn and understand the importance of nature in our lives. 

Skogluft living walls absorb sound to improve the acoustic function of classrooms which allows students to thrive in their learning environments. This also directly improves the teachers ability to create functional learning spaces for their students, while cohesively teaching about the importance of plants on our mental and physical health.

Public Spaces

Creating unique public spaces that connect human beings to nature are an important part of healthy cities and creating human connection. Skogluft living walls can be installed in any public space to support government initiatives of improved quality of life and wellbeing for the community.


Skogluft living walls in your home office create a productive space that will help you stay focussed and ignite creativity. Having a dedicated space in your home is important to create boundaries between home and work. You can design your Skogluft living wall to be just the right size for your home office, no matter how small or large. 

Companies can benefit from investing in functional and comfortable spaces for their employees that are working from home. Skogluft living walls provide unique backdrops during video conference calls. The sound absorption from a living wall will help the acoustic function to improve the quality of telephone and video calls.

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