Living Wall Kit with plants - free delivery


Skogluft living walls are modular, meaning you can arrange them in different shapes or sizes. Each living wall set comes with a wall rack and four trays with 16 plants golden pothos, money plant, devil’s ivy…whatever you want to call it, this green and gold beauty is perfect for the Skogluft living wall.

Lovely to look at, fun to touch and so easy to look after, a child can manage it.

Combine several sets together. And Voilà!  You’ve got yourself a living wall. 

No water pumps, electricity or water reservoirs are needed. 

What you get:  1 x wall rack, 4 x plant trays and 16 Skogluft plants in 12 cm pots

Dimensions: 547mm x 618mm

Colour: Black

Water: Every 3-4 weeks

Light: Plants need light to live, but this one needs less than most. Good for bathrooms and kitchens as well as sunny front rooms.

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