Skogluft Living Wall System including 20 Epipremnum Aureum plants (Oslo area only)


Skogluft is an easy to install living wall system that effortlessly brings nature into your home or office. Skogluft stimulates all of the senses and invites people to a lush green environment. As your Skogluft wall grows it becomes more beautiful over time.

  • Skogluft living walls are modular and can be designed in many sizes to suit your space. 
  • There is no plumbing required and maintenance is easy and mess-free.
  • Take a few minutes to fill the trays with water every few weeks and you’re done.
  • To ensure the success of your living wall, you receive unlimited support from the Skogluft team.
  • A single module consists of 5 plant trays and has space for 20 plants - More plants equals more benefits.
  • Size per module: Width 52,2 cm x hight 80,5 cm
  • Epipremnum Aureum - 20 plants included
  • Estimated delivery time 3-7 days
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