Skogluft and

Our mission is to reconnect people with nature

Our mission at Skogluft is to reconnect people with nature. It only makes sense then, that we are also committed to protecting it. 

For us, that means that during every step of the product development process, we asked ourselves, “is this decision going to help people and the planet, or harm them?”  

Our main focus points are good design, local manufacturing, ease of use and long life. 

Made to last  

The Skogluft living wall is built to last.

For us, that means 10 years minimum. That’s longer than most marriages. And enough time for you to walk around the world at least twice.

Local and ethical production

All Skogluft products are currently manufactured in Europe. 

When we expand to new markets, we will find local suppliers there.

Traceable material

Our living walls are made of the premium, ISCC PLUS-certified plastic Bornewables™, which has a reduced carbon footprint. It can be fully recycled when you’re finished with them.


Te’re constantly testing innovative materials, including wood fibres from Norwegian forests and bioplastics.

Skogluft demands a material which holds water throughout it’s entire lifespan.


The living wall has two parts - the trays and the wall brackets. We designed it this way so that all parts can easily be replaced.

Inner sustainability 

Taking care of the planet also means taking care of ourselves.

Being surrounded by beautiful things from nature gives us energy, which we can then use to further care for the planet and each other. 


Skogluft contributes to these UN Sustainable Development Goals:

12 – Responsible consumption and production

13 – Climate Action

17 – Partnerships for the Goals.