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What is a Skogluft Indoor Nature Consultant?

Greener indoor spaces improve people's physical, mental and emotional health. Bringing nature indoors contributes to reduced stress and increased productivity. From the employer's side, this means fewer days off sick. With so many benefits, biophilic design is rapidly becoming a leading principle in sustainable architecture and interior design. 

Through the Skogluft Indoor Nature Consultant certification, you will receive all the tools, skills, inspiration and knowledge needed to help clients and customers improve their homes and workplaces.

The Skogluft Indoor Nature Consultant certification will provide you with a unique combination of skills and knowledge, making you an attractive resource for opportunities in sustainability, interior design, architecture and HR.

Triple Living Wall Kit in a minimalist home4x Living Wall Kit in a minimalist home
The course is for you if you are interested in or work with


Interior design




Indoor plantscaping

Forest bathing guides

Home improvement

Well-being and mental health 

Plants and gardening

Children and students

Course content

Biophilic design and how to bring it into any indoor space.

The science and benefits of nature indoors 

Practical examples and case studies 

Presentation and marketing skills

Career opportunties

Experiential knowledge of nature-based techniques like Forest Bathing and EcoNIDRA™.

Practical details
Certificate and training

Training Start: Start any time

Training Duration: Three months

Training Form: Blended training combining engaging and varied online training content with live Q&A sessions via Zoom

Live Sessions: Monthly live Q&A sessions via Zoom, on every 4th Tuesday of the month

Certification: After completing your training you will become a Certified Skogluft Indoor Nature Consultant. You will receive your certificate, as well as a Certified Skogluft Indoor Nature Consultant logo for your own use.

Support: If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us at

Course curriculum

Welcome to the Training!

Assignment: What brought you here

Terms and Conditions

Your Vision

Certification Requirements

Live Sessions & Recordings

Your Skogluft

Next Steps

Welcome & Overview

The Benefits of Nature Connection

Scientific Research Studies

Biophilic Design

Assignment: What do you enjoy sharing?

Role-play: Why is nature indoors good for you?


Welcome & Overview

Our Relationship with Nature

Nature Connection Tool #1: Forest Bathing

Nature Connection Tool #2: EcoNIDRA™

Nature Connection Tool #3: Sit Spot

Measurement Tool #1: POMS

Measurement Tool #2: Nature Relatedness Scale

Preparing for your Start Project


Welcome & Overview

Tools for Calmer Homes

Tools for Healthier Workspaces

Tools for Greener Healthcare

Tools for Feel-Good Interior Design

Tools for Happier Kids

More Examples


Half-way through Reflections

Welcome & Overview

Heartfelt Speaking

Assignment: Your Indoor Nature Pitch

Corporate Wellbeing

Promotion Resources Library


Welcome & Overview

Skogluft's Mission

Meet the Plant

Installation & Maintenance

Skogluft Ambassador Program


Introduction: Your Start Project

Assignment: Your Start Project


Final Reflections

Your Skogluft Indoor Nature Consultant Certification

Values and Competencies of Skogluft Indoor Nature Consultants

Worldwide Skogluft Consultants Directory

Kat Novotna

Kat's mission is to help people reconnect with the planet, themselves and others through nature connection outdoors, indoors, and within. With her 20 years of expertise with highly engaging and transformative educational programs, Kat is the creator of Skogluft's Indoor Nature Consultant training program with a worldwide community of certified consultants that are making our indoor spaces greener, calmer, happier and healthier places to live.