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Skogluft’s Living Wall is now available for pre-order.

No fuss, no maintenance. Just nature.
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We aim to create a global success with lush green walls and Nordic credibility. We're also developing an innovative solution for growing food on your own kitchen wall.

Our Folkeinvest crowdfunding campaign has all the details (only in Norwegian)

Why Skogluft Living Walls?

We suffer from a lack of nature

Humans are designed to be outdoors - in nature and breathing fresh air. However, whether we live in Oslo, New York or London, we spend 90% of our time indoors. That’s 22 hours a day! We have in effect sealed ourselves inside homes, offices, schools and cars. The air we breathe indoors is not natural and contaminated with impurities we can’t see. Indoors we also live isolated from green nature and its benefits. This urban, technological lifestyle creates stress, anxiety and fatigue. A lack of nature drains us of our energy.

Supported by science

Working with the Norwegian University of Life Sciences, Skogluft living wall systems came to life as the result of 20 years of research and development. Studies involved over 2000 participants with results showing significant improvements in physical and mental wellbeing, alongside reduction in short term sick leave rates.

Easy to install and maintain

Skogluft offers a seamless natural ‘plants only’ look which you can complete on your own with a few basic household tools. There is no plumbing required and maintenance is easy and mess-free. Take a few minutes to fill the trays with water every few weeks and you’re done. To ensure the success of your living wall, you receive unlimited support from the Skogluft team.

Transforming Google

"As the CEO of Google Norway, I have an intimate understanding of how vital it is to have a vibrant working environment. I highly recommend the Skogluft system."

- Jan Grønbech - CEO Google Norway

Benefits of having a Skogluft living wall

Skogluft revolutionizes the air you breathe. With pure and fresh Skogluft air, you can focus on your day.


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