Reconnecting people
with nature

No fuss, no maintenance. Just nature.
Feel Better. Breathe Better. Live Better.

The more time you spend around living green things, the happier, calmer and more productive you are.  A plant or two on the sideboard is a great start. Imagine the possibilities with a whole wall. 

Having even one Skogluft living wall in your home will boost your mood, improve your sleep and jump-start your immune system.

Selecting plants
What about the plants?

In theory, you can choose whatever plants you feel would look best and thrive in the available light.

In practice, we’ve found that Epipremnum aureum, also called golden pothos or devil’s ivy, is the best choice. Whatever you want to call it, this green beauty is made for the Skogluft Living Wall.

Maximum air filtering, mood-improving and so easy to look after, a child can manage it.

Please note: We ship plants to most European countries, with some exceptions.

Some kind words


It’s so nice! It has become a talking point with everyone who comes by. It’s so easy to maintain and keep happy.

Solveig B., Private home owner, Oslo

The Skogluft wall in my office always makes me happy and positive, and it definitely has the same effect on everyone else who see it.

Frode Granlund, Entrepreneur

I feel more energetic at work. The light is much better, much more comfortable. It’s very interesting how plants can give us a better everyday life.

Hundremeterskogen Kindergarten
How Skogluft works

Everyone says their product is easy to install. Ours actually is.

Mount the bracket - Get 5mm screws for your wall type. Then all you need is a drill.

Snap in the trays - This should take two minutes. Five if your kids help. 

Add the plants - You’ll need 16 plants in 12cm pots. What you will not need is soil. Or a vacuum cleaner.

Give the plants water - 1,6 litre of water in each tray, every 3-4 weeks. That’s it.

Built to last

Our mission at Skogluft is to reconnect people with nature. It only makes sense then, that we are also committed to protecting it. 

The Skogluft living wall is built to last more than 10 years. We use the ISCC PLUS-certified premium plastic Bornewables, which has a reduced carbon footprint. Our system can be fully recycled when it no longer serves you.

All Skogluft products are currently manufactured in an ethical and modern factory in Bulgaria. When we expand to new markets, we’ll find local suppliers there.