Work with Skogluft

Become a Skogluft Ambassador

Health, wellness, gardening and interior design influencers – we need you!

We’re currently looking for people that would like to help us bring the outside in. At the moment, we’re looking for ambassadors with good engagement stats and collaboration experience.  

In terms of the type of collaboration, we’re open. You’re the expert when it comes to your audience and know what connects best with them.

Become a Skogluft Reseller

Skogluft makes living walls that customers can install and maintain easily at home. No electricity, pumps or water tanks are needed. The trays are made in Europe and are designed to last for 10 years+.

Currently, our resellers are mostly running ecom stores in the health, wellness, gardening, house plant or interior design spaces. 

Some resellers offer packages with their own plants, others choose to sell just the Living Wall starter kit.