Living Wall Kit

2.100,00 kr

Skogluft living walls are modular, meaning you can arrange them in different shapes or sizes. Each living wall set comes with a wall rack and four trays and can hold 16 plants. 

Combine several sets together. Get some Skogluft plants. And Voilà!  You’ve got yourself a living wall. 

No pumps, electricity or water reservoirs needed.

What you get:  1 x wall rack, 4 x plant trays (plants not included)
Dimensions: 547mm x 618mm
Color: Black
Plants: You’ll need 16 Epipremnum Aureum in 12cm pots per skogluft set (also called Golden Pothos, Devils Ivy) 
Water: Every 3-4 weeks
Delivery time: 2-5 working days

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